About Jimmy Svärdhagen – a professional magician

Jimmy Svärdhagen does about 100 shows per year as a magician in Stockholm and across Sweden. He has also done shows in Germany, Holland, Finland, Switzerland and the United States. Jimmy Svärdhagen is one of the few magicians who work full-time with magic and illusions in Sweden.

In order to develop his skills as a magician, Jimmy Svärdhagen spent three months in Las Vegas in 2003. His focus and inner drive has led him a 1st place in 2008 and 2012 in the Swedish Championships in magic. He also reached the semifinals in the TV4 program “Talent” in 2009 and has also made ​​several appearances on SVT, TV4 and TV3.
Looking for a professional magician for everything from mingling in a small company to a major company event, please contact Jimmy Svärdhagen!

Looking for a professional magician?

Then you are welcome to contact Jimmy Svärdhagen. Phone: 070-9792007, email:  jimmysv@rdhagen.se  or via the contact form!